As recreational marijuana becomes legal in New Jersey; residents are learning how marijuana charges will be dealt

By: Teresa M. Gomez and Tyler Harris

On Feb. 22, 2021, New Jersey became the 13th state to legalize recreational marijuana after an overwhelming vote in the 2020 elections. The Senate passed the bill with a 22 to 12 vote and the Assembly passed it, 49 to 27, enabling the state to sign weed into law.

WEST FAIRFIELD, NJ 03–12–2021 The Early Abacus is stored in jars and they are shaped in round spheres. Photo by Teresa M. Gomez.

The Garden State has been known to have some of the highest arrest rates in the nation and the local New Jersey police officers are some…

Teresa Gomez and Tyler Harris

Teresa Gomez and Tyler Harris are seniors at Montclair State University. They partnered up to work on an investigative multimedia piece for Spring 2021.

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